Open up to new perspectives, reframe your stories and become empowered. 


Boldly live your full potential and fall in love with life.


All of the content from a Private Retreat in your own space, at your own pace.

I'm Ready for a Miracle!








Open up to new perspectives, reframe your stories and become empowered.


Boldly live your full potential and fall in love with life.  


All of the content from a Private Retreat, in your own space, at your own pace.


I'm Ready for a Miracle!

Do you ever feel...


...everything around you is uncertain? are expected to play a role instead of truly being yourself?

...attachment to objects, experiences and people?

...resistance to certain objects, experiences and people?

...stuck in a vicious circle about your story and the past?

...worried about a future you don’t want instead of being clear on the future you do want?


For a moment...


Imagine what would be possible in your life if you were feeling deeply loved and accepted in every way.  


Imagine how it would feel to have a sense of completeness and peace within yourself, no longer dependent on external validation for a sense of self-worth or value.


Imagine what would be available in life  if you had the tools to gracefully move through the pain and insecurity that is an inevitable part of the human condition.


Imagine falling in love with yourself deeply…and having life reflect that back to you!

What Students Are Saying

This program offers a safe and relaxing space for you to quiet your restless mind and let your soul find its voice. 

This home retreat is a deeply transformative journey,

which incorporates a blend of traditional and non-traditional healing modalities,

all designed to return you back home to your true Self.

Following the Retreat you will...

Live your full potential boldly and love each moment of your life.

Know your sacred purpose, be aware of the gifts you give to the world and leave a lasting legacy.

Live and work in flow, where your goals, desires, intentions, manifest with grace and ease.

Live a life of true freedom, where you can stand unshakable amidst the chaos around you.

Live a life where inspiration flows through you and you create abundance effortlessly.

Sounds Incredible. Let's Go!

The EHS Virtual Retreat includes:


>> All of the same content from a Private Intensive Retreat with Jana and Dr. Lance


>> More than 25 Video Lessons & Bonus MP3 guided processes and meditations in 4 Modules of self-paced content to educate, inspire and enlighten you on how to let go of the past and create the life your soul wants you to live!




Module 1 - FOUNDATIONS:  Consciousness is EVERYTHING! 

We filter our lives through the lens of the level of consciousness or awareness we are operating from.

  • You’ll receive a mantra, learn how to meditate in stillness and silence.
  • Learn the myths of meditation (no you aren’t supposed to silence the mind)
  • Learn what to expect while meditating.
  • Learn how to answer: Who AM I?
  • Learn the soul questions to ask prior to the practice.
  • Learn the Causes of Suffering and how to avoid suffering.
  • Learn how to create a quiet, spacious mind.
  • Learn the 7 States of Consciousness and what to expect as a result of expanding your consciousness.
  • Learn how to access Spiritual Guidance.
  • Learn how to use Affirmative Prayer to co-create with the Divine.
  • Meditate using an advanced guided meditation with the 7 Chakra Sutras.
  • Learn how to apply the 7 spiritual laws. 

Module 2 - Excavating the Past

The first 7 years of developmental conditioning guides our beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and reactions leading us to make choices that either disempower or empower us.

  • Learn how False disempowering beliefs are created.
  • Learn how to distinguish the difference between a painful feeling and a suffering feeling.
  • Learn how you abandon yourself.
  • Learn how you create stories that either keep you stuck in the past (the prison) or propel to you to an inspiring future.
  • Learn how to take Self-Responsibility and fall deeply in love with yourself.
  • Guided hypnotherapy processes

Module 3 – Extracting the Wisdom from the Past

Healing requires that we delve deeply into our past stories and extract the valuable lessons that these experiences are teaching us.

  • Learn the Shadow parts of your psyche.
  • Learn the 360-degree personality and how to own and embrace the totality of yourself -- both light and dark.
  • Learn how forgiveness is the bridge from the prison of the past to the inspiring future you deserve.
  • Learn how to treat your feelings like a child and reparent them. Now is the time for a happy childhood.
  • Guided hypnotherapy processes.

Module 4 – Manifesting an Inspiring Future

The future is created in the present moment. By utilizing the power of your attention, you can create your Highest Good and the highest good for all the people in your life and the world. 

“Be the change your wish to see.” ~ Ghandi

  • Learn the latest science on transformation including, epigenetics, neuroplasticity heart-brain coherence.
  • Envisioning process to support you to emotionally embrace a future potential before the actual experience.
  • Learn how to change your brain and body before you actually experience a future event.
  • Learn how to script your future gaining clarity through the contrasting experiences.
  • Create a mind-movie as the coming attractions of you movie called, ‘life.’

As the owner of #EHShomeretreat, you will also have access to all future updates of the program, and special discount codes to our live events and products. There will be stuff that needs more time to sink in, so you'll be able to come back and deepen your knowledge anytime you want.

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  • All of the content we teach at a VIP 1:1 Private Retreat (Private Retreats $9,000-$12,000)
  • 25+ Video Lessons of self-paced online content
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course content
  • All course MP3 and PDF downloads, including the 57 page workbook
  • Special Bonus #1 - Your Personal Primordial Sound mantra based on the time and location of your birth - via email 
  • Special Bonus #2 - Guided Meditation Audio Files (Chakra Sutras and Koshas)
You Deserve IT!

Your Guides:

Jana and Dr. Lance Wilson



Before I tell you my qualifications, I would like to share what I love, because that is more important than any degree or certification. I'm deeply in love with my husband. I love being a mother and grandmother to my seven year old grandson, Grayson.

I love connecting to & relating with my feelings as an inner child. I love teaching.  I love nature. I love to be in the mystery of life. New Mexico has my heart. I love to learn. I love to listen. I love to read. I love music. I love art. I love to travel. I love to dance. I love mother nature. I love embodiment practices. I love anything that stirs my creative juices. I love adventure. I love to help. I love to serve.

I love my rescue and emotional support dogs Bodhi, Leela & Brahma. I love children and mentoring kids that are trapped in poverty. I love supporting single Mothers to empower themselves. And last but definitely NOT least — I love Spirit!!! This pretty much sums me up.

My entire life has been dedicated to personal development, spirituality, transformation, and searching for the most powerful methods to assist people in healing. 

Over the past two decades, I have been blessed to travel the world, and work with everyone ranging from corporate leaders, doctors, clinicians, entrepreneurs, mothers, top sales people, and teenagers teaching them emotional intelligence skills and facilitating deep emotional healing.  I have helped thousands go to the next level, and create lives beyond their wildest dreams.  

I received my Masters Certification in Integrative Coaching through The Ford Institute for Coaching at JFK University.  I am a member of the International Coach Federation & The International Association of Coaching. I studied at Chopra Center in Southern California under the direction of Dr. Deepak Chopra and the late Dr. David Simon, receiving a Certification in Primordial Sound Meditation.  I have a certification in the Law of Attraction with the International Law of Attraction Training Center and I am Certified Leader for the Harville Hendrix Couplehood: A New Way to Love Program. I am a Heartmath certified coach in teaching how to build emotional, physical and mental resiliency. I am trained in regression therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss. 

I have lived in the Southwest since 2006, drawn here by a soul calling. The tag line for New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment and I feel there definitely is something 'enchanting' about this State, there are big open spaces, its elevated, and the climate is wonderful (NO it's not hot like Phoenix) it's truly a Spiritual Oasis. 

What I have come to know in my personal life and the lives of all the people I've worked with is that every trauma, challenge, and wound comes bearing a gift and some wisdom our Soul needs. Once I opened up to finding the wisdom (lesson) of my very traumatic childhood that made me the strong, loving, compassionate and capable woman I am today, I began to live the life of my dreams. I firmly believe I couldn’t lead these very deep emotional healing intensives if I hadn’t had the traumatic experiences that have made up my life.

I am going to use an Oprah-ism: "Here's what I know for sure" ... If we have a deep enough desire in our heart to create lasting change and commit to staying in the fire of transformation we will absolutely manifest our dreams and desires. I believe we are capable of achieving just about anything we set our intentions towards, especially if it's to benefit all of humanity. Our value as a human being isn’t based on the size of our bank accounts, the number we see on the scale, the color of our skin, or our education. What and who we are is beyond this world, we are remarkable beings with the ability to rise to the stars. We can and will create positive and lasting change on this planet – all we need do – is just commit to the journey.

This program has been a lifetime in the making.  Scoring 10/10 on the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) scale, I began the journey to understand how and why people behave the way they do at a young age.  My life's mission is to help millions learn simple psycho/spiritual practices so they can self-heal.



I am a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician who chooses to work with people who want to take responsibility for the results in their lives. We are infinite choice makers and the choices we make create our experience.

I always questioned much of what information was taught in Medical School, residency training and in the practice of Medicine. There was so much that we did not understand and could not really explain and there was so much suffering that we were unable to alleviate. As I reached my early 40’s, I was exhibiting burnout, I was overweight, having some health issues and was in an unhealthy co-dependant relationship. I was fairly active and ate pretty well, was earning a very good income in a respected profession, but I was not feeling it…I was not at peace and was not happy. What was missing was a spiritual practice and looking within to understand my suffering. I began a decade long journey to understand for myself how I was choosing to continue the patterns that were causing me to suffer. As the Buddha taught, pain is part of the human experience, suffering is optional.

I have served in several leadership roles including Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and President for medium sized multi-specialty medical groups. When I was serving as the CMO of one of these groups, my colleagues named me the CLO (Chief Love Officer), because I talked about truly accept and loving all apsects of ourselves is the key to peace, harmony and utlimately, health. Love is the path to healing ourselves and our world.

I believe (and the research supports) that through developing our awareness and making different choices that we can create a new reality for ourselves. When we become aware of how powerfully our beliefs, conditioned thoughts, emotions and behaviors are in the creation of the results in our lives, we can make new choices that break those habits and create a new life for ourselves. However, when we don't fully accept and love ourselves we won't make those simple choices.

People often think that advances in medicine have to be a new drug, a new laser, or a surgical intervention to be powerful—something really high-tech and expensive. They often have a hard time believing that the simple choices that we make in our lives each day make such a powerful difference in our health, our well-being. I am happy to see that many more Physicians are focusing on diet, supplements and physical activity as paths to vitality. I have realized for myself and seen in others the deeper layers of well being that are required in order to find peace / balance. How we understand, feel and work through our emotions impacts our level of stress and the quality of our relationships.

My passion is in teaching and modeling how people can use the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum theory with the ancient Vedic and Buddhist teachings to create a more peaceful, fulfilling happy life.

Through spiritual connection, expanded awareness and making conscious choices, I have personally experienced radical improvements in my well being and have seen the same in hundreds of others. I am excited to share with you.

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